Fly Fishing Hayward, Wisconsin Rivers

Namekagon River | St. Croix River | Chippewa River | Flambeau River

We are indeed fortunate to be living and fishing in Wisconsin’s north woods.

Lower Namekagon River

Lower Namekagon River

Our fishing destinations include the Namekagon, St. Croix, Chippewa and Flambeau rivers. All of our fishing is done within one hour of our shop in Hayward, Wisconsin.

The Namekagon and St. Croix rivers were two of the original rivers included in the 1968 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and make up the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, one of our nation’s great national parks. Within the boundaries of the National Park, there are very limited signs of civilization and the rivers today look much like they did when trappers and explorers roamed the north woods.

The Flambeau River, in the sections we float, flows through the Flambeau River State Forest, and also offers a glimpse into the past as very few signs of civilization exist.

The Chippewa River is the most developed of the rivers we fish, but the development is very compatible with the native forest environment.

dsc_0193Within the one hour drive from our shop, we have nearly 200 miles of river to fish. The rivers are clean, clear and offer incomparable fishing opportunities and spectacular scenery.

We are often asked, “Which is your favorite river”? We are proud and honest when we reply “the one we’re on right now”.

Come enjoy the bounties of our north woods rivers and you’ll find picking a favorite is almost impossible.

Fly Fishing Northern Wisconsin’s Beautiful Rivers for Muskies and Bass!