Musky & Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Videos

We hope you enjoy these fly fishing videos featuring footage from our fly fishing guide trips for muskies, northern pike and smallmouth bass…and our fly shop in Hayward, Wisconsin. Please visit again soon as we add new videos of fly fishing in Northwestern Wisconsin, and be sure to check out our Hayward Fly Fishing channel on YouTube!

“It’s not over until the boat is out of the water” Fall 2016

2014 early spring float with our guides Erik & Stu on Namekagon River

2013 Fly Fishing Season in Review!

2013 Fly Fishing Season is Underway!

Fly Fishing the Chippewa River

2012 Wisconsin Musky Opener – Fly Fishing on the Flambeau River

2012 Wisconsin Early Season Fly Fishing on the Namekagon River

We can’t wait for the start of the new season so here’s a quick look back at last season to help us pass the time!

Thank you for a great 2011 season! We love all the smiles in this video slideshow!

2011 Musky Opener with Hayward Fly Fishing Company

Hayward Fly Fishing Company on Fly Fish TV with Kelly Galloup

Larry talks about his musky fly fishing leader & knots used to tie it.

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Late Fall Wisconsin Musky Fly Fishing Float Trip on Chippewa River – Last Run of 2010!

Fall Wisconsin Float Trip on the Flambeau River fly fishing for late season muskies!

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass on the Namekagon River – St. Croix National Scenic Riverway!

Guide client Gary Knerr captures the fall beauty of Namakagon River

Great day on the Chippewa River with our friends from Tight Lines!

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My Fly Fishing Adventure on the Namekagon

We climb into a really sweet-looking McKenzie style drift boat–Wendy at the oars; me standing in the front, going on my first-ever guided fly fishing trip. A full-day trip that was generously donated to the Wild Rivers Chapter of Trout Unlimited by Chapter members Wendy Williamson and Larry Mann of the Hayward Fly Fishing Company for the Chapter’s fund-raising auction this past April. My husband won the bid and gave the trip to me.

I suspected you couldn’t have a better teacher than Wendy. The basis for my suspicion? I had met Wendy the summer before when she had donated her time to instruct at a free Women’s Fly Casting Clinic held by our TU Chapter. My lasting impressions from that clinic: She really knows her stuff and knows how to make women understand that fly fishing is a challenging, but an approachable, doable, fun-filled activity. Around Wendy, you would never think of fishing as being intimidating. The “i” word wouldn’t even cross your mind, except, perhaps, to think: “This is so not intimidating.” She has a way about her–competent and comfortable.

So, I was excited to be on the Namekagon with Wendy, who generously shares her knowledge: favorite knots (you only need a few, she says); a trick for handling new leader; line handling techniques; and, especially, her river savvy. You can tell the Namekagon is familiar and dear to her. Never boring; always changing. “There’s a drop off coming up along the left bank past that leaning tree.” “A log’s under the water over there.” “There’s an undercut bank along that grassy edge coming up on the right. It should be good.”

Thanks to the Hayward Fly Fishing Company for donating the trip to TU, thanks to my husband for buying it and giving it to me. And thanks to a smallmouth bass (we’re not on intimate enough terms yet to call it a “smallie”) for giving me a thrill.

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