Just a few reflections on fishing with Hayward Flyfishing Company yearly for the past 11 years. What started as a “try it and see” first trip has become an annual trip with friends from around the country and my son and brother. There are many aspects of a guide service- teaching, river selection, knowledge of the fish, flies and fish. HFFC guides have been exceptional at all these aspects. The rivers are beautiful, remote and loaded with fish. Sure, my son and I have had 50 smallies landed in a day and a two-muskie afternoon, but even on the less fishy floats, the trips are still very enjoyable. Stu has taken over the “reins” of the business and be assured that he is doing an exceptional job with the well stocked shop, the guides, and excellent customer service. HFFC is the place to go for a wonderful opportunity for quality smallmouth and muskie on a fly trip.